Coming Soon

We are hearing you! Based on your feedback here are a some of the things we have picked up in our development sprints and expect to release soon.

Creating models without connecting it to training dataset

Currently connecting a dataset is mandatory when creating a new model so that auto-init monitors are able to run, but we are removing the dependency and allowing models to be set up without datasets associated with them.

Ability to set thresholds and receive alerts for custom metrics

Custom metrics already be defined, but wouldnโ€™t it be even better to be able to set monitoring for it just like itโ€™s possible for the standard metrics. We are bringing custom metrics to the โ€œmonitorsโ€ tab.

Alerts Management

Alerts can get overwhelming, so we are introducing a whole new way to manage alerts, snooze them, resolve them and a lot more.

NLP Support

Increasing modality support from tabular to text with all the features you love.
Got a feature request? We love to hear it. Drop us a line at [email protected]

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